Best Crypto Sportsbook and Bitcoin Betting Sites 2024

If you like to bet on sports, try betting at the crypto casinos in our review.

Top 6 Crypto Betting Sites

It might be hard to choose the crypto platform that fits your requirements the best. This is why we’ve reviewed dozens of top crypto-betting sites and selected the best ones. Take a look at our ranking of the best crypto-betting platforms below:

Brand Highlights Bonus Rating Link
Infinity Casino has many casino games, try playing.
Infinity casino

Infinity casino Highlights

  • The rarest sports
  • Competitive odds
  • Live streaming
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Play casinos for cryptocurrency at BC.Game.

BC.Game Highlights

  • Huge welcome bonus
  • 50 crypto payment methods
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3 is an excellent casino with lucrative bonuses. Highlights

  • 100% Anonymous
  • Crypto-only sportsbook
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Place bets at Cryptothrills casino. Highlights

  • A crypto casino
  • Provides crypto sports games
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Try playing in a casino for cryptocurrency on JustBit. Highlights

  • Best football betting odds
  • Over 25 sports
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Try betting on Kryptosino, one of the most popular crypto casino sites.

Kryptosino Highlights

  • Instant withdrawals
  • The platform received many awards
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Best Bitcoin Sportsbooks

Most of the crypto bookmakers use Bitcoin as the main cryptocurrency for their platform because it’s an extremely convenient currency for transactions. However, some bookies utilize Bitcoin only. We went over many bitcoin sports betting sites and chose the best ones. Take a look at them below.

Best Bitcoin Casino Sportsbook Bonuses

Betting with Bitcoin is especially popular because it`s fast, anonymous, and safe. Many crypto bookmakers and online casinos accept this currency in addition to other ones. To attract players to their site, crypto platforms often offer a significant welcome bonus that customers can spend on wagering at their favourite casino games or betting on their preferred sports. Below we`ve compiled the best bitcoin casino sportsbook bonuses that are offered by the best bitcoin betting sites.

How to Bet With Crypto

It’s very easy to start betting with cryptocurrency, even if you have never done it before. Moreover, this method ensures your safety and anonymity at all times. Take a look at the step-by-step instructions on how to start betting with crypto for the first time:

  1. Choose a crypto betting platform. Select a bookmaker that accepts crypto betting. We recommend choosing providers from this article because they are safe, ensure fast transactions, and offer 24/7 support.
  2. Sign up. Create an account on the platform of your choice and log in. If required, go through the verification process by submitting your documents.
  3. Make a deposit. Deposit your account with Bitcoin or other cryptocurrency that is accepted by the platform. That usually means transferring your cryptocurrency to a specific address using your crypto wallet. If you don’t have crypto, go to a trustworthy exchange and buy a convenient cryptocurrency.
  4. Claim a bonus. Many bookmakers offer a guaranteed welcome bonus that comes after the registration and the first deposit. Take advantage of this deal is available to significantly increase your winnings.
  5. Place a bet. Choose an event that interests you the most, for example, a football tournament, and place a bet. If your bet was successful, proceed to cashout by using any convenient currency that is accepted by the platform.
Read this guide to learn how to bet with cryptocurrency at a casino.

Crypto Esports Betting

Esports is one of the most demanded categories betting sites. By fusing the domains of cryptocurrencies and esports competitions, crypto esports betting enables anyone to place bets with virtual currencies on a range of exciting esports competitions and events. Here’s a closer look at this market niche:

  • Dota 2. Dota 2 is a globally known eSport that has gained millions of fans globally. Many bookies offer crypto betting on this exact game. The prize pools at Dota 2 are huge and the tournaments are held regularly;
  • Call of Duty. Call of Duty is among the top 3 esports that are cherished by players from different countries. It hosts thrilling competitions, which many fans enjoy. This game offers lots of possibilities and bet types;
  • League of Legends. You’ve probably heard about this game before, it’s especially popular among younger audiences. This category also provides regular tournaments and great betting choices. Many players love to place crypto sports bets on this exact game;
  • Counter-Strike. Counter-strike offers a large prize pool that attracts bettors from various countries. This game is very exciting to watch and to bet on;
  • Starcraft. Starcraft isn’t as popular as esports above, but it still has its massive audience that is ready to bet their bitcoins on their favourite team. You can see Starcraft II tournaments on many crypto-betting platforms.
Place bets on your favorite eSports events using cryptocurrency at the casino.

Crypto Betting Exchange

Unlike traditional bookmakers where bets are placed against the house, a crypto sports betting exchange allows direct peer-to-peer cryptocurrency betting. These systems, which let users purchase, sell, or exchange bets, mimic stock markets. They provide greater value for bettors by offering genuine market odds free of built-in profit margins. Similar to stock trading, users can lay (bet against) or back (bet for) events while using back and lay betting. This gives you the freedom to operate as a bookmaker or bettor, which might result in chances for wise wagering.

Place direct peer-to-peer bets on cryptocurrency at the casino.

Crypto Sports Betting Apps

As crypto betting gains popularity, numerous bookmakers have jumped on the trend, aiming to enhance convenience. Now, there are dozens of different crypto betting apps enabling users to bet on sports, play casino games, and even fund their accounts with crypto directly within the app. You can access large sportsbooks and thousands of betting possibilities with just one click. Furthermore, many bookmakers also integrate crypto exchanges within these apps.

Place sports bets using cryptocurrency anywhere using mobile app.

Is Crypto Betting Safe?

With strong player privacy and security, cryptocurrency betting is regarded as one of the safest betting options. Users gain from restricted publication of personal data, such as name, address, or credit card number, as this lowers the possibility of exposure to possible misuse. Furthermore, cryptocurrency betting allows for quick payouts of prizes, reducing the possibility of dishonest bookies. Its standing as a safe betting alternative is bolstered by the combination of improved privacy and quick transactions.

Don’t worry about the security of your personal data, betting with cryptocurrency is absolutely safe.

Pros and Cons of Bitcoin Betting

Although there are many alluring perks to Bitcoin betting, it’s important to consider the disadvantages as well, particularly if you’re new to using cryptocurrency for betting. Making well-informed selections will be aided by carrying out extensive study and comprehending any possible hazards. Take a look at the pros and cons of Bitcoin betting:

  • The speed of transactions. Most of the Bitcoin transactions are instant, which allows users to fund their accounts in a matter of minutes. Moreover, the bitcoin withdrawals are fast as well, which helps the users to cash out their winnings quickly
  • Security. Bitcoin is based on blockchain technology, which offers a transparent and safe system that lowers the possibility of fraud or manipulation
  • Increased anonymity. Just like any other cryptocurrency, bitcoin is really hard to trace. No one will know your identity, which is a very important factor for some players. You don’t have to worry about winning big amounts of money because no one will know who you are
  • Lower fees. Bitcoin transactions have lower fees compared to other payment methods, which makes crypto betting even more beneficial
  • Accessibility. Because Bitcoin is used internationally, customers may wager from anywhere without having to worry about currency conversion or foreign transaction costs
  • Bonuses. Many crypto bookmakers provide significant Bitcoin bonuses, including a guaranteed welcome offer, cashback, reload bonuses, and others
  • A variety of betting possibilities. Crypto betting is becoming more and more popular, so bookmakers constantly expand the crypto sportsbook, leaving you dozens of sports to choose from
  • Possible illicit activities. Many cryptocurrencies, including bitcoin, are often being noticed in illicit activities. This is the reason why you would want to choose a legal bookmaker, so you don’t participate in anything illegal
  • Scam sites. There are many trustworthy bookmakers operating exclusively under the official license. However, there are just as many scam sites that might take advantage of you and your payments. It’s important to choose the bookmaker carefully and pay attention to its license and how it’s being regulated
  • Volatility. Bitcoin’s value is subject to extreme fluctuations, which can affect the value of deposits as well as wins. Unexpected price swings can cause substantial value shifts
Before betting using cryptocurrency, learn about the pros and cons in this article.

Crypto Betting Tips

Players may benefit greatly from crypto betting platforms and their bonuses, but you can also maximize them by using certain strategies. Gaining the most from the crypto casino and betting companies requires understanding some crucial advice. In order to boost your earnings, we are prepared to share them with you at no cost. Here are a few of the most crucial cryptocurrency betting pointers:

  1. Bet at trustworthy platforms. Whether you want to place a bet on sports or wager at the casino, make sure you choose the legit platform. It’s important to make sure that it’s licensed and secures plate’s payments with advanced protocols.
  2. Use the bonuses. Profit from several bonuses concurrently. Take advantage of welcome bonuses and VIP programs, for instance, as they typically come with free spins, cashback, and other perks. In order to potentially boost the bonuses, you may also look for certain Bitcoin casino bonus codes.
  3. Check the rankings. Search for rankings of the best online crypto betting sites, similar to this article. Learning more information will help you make the most accurate choice. Pay attention to the pros and cons of each platform.
  4. Use a strategy. While novices depend on luck, experts have a plan to achieve success. Make a plan of attack that will improve your chances of winning. This might entail studying the game’s rules, weighing the chances and rewards, and practising on demo versions.
  5. Follow the crypto tendency. Take your time to learn all about current crypto prices. Choose the best safe crypto exchanges and choose the most profitable currency.
Increase your sports betting winnings with these tips.


After thoroughly reviewing popular crypto betting and casino platforms, we’ve curated a selection of the finest based on safety, the breadth of available sports and casino games, payment method convenience, and the generosity of bonuses. In this article, you can discover only the top-tier sites offering crypto betting. Many of these platforms feature thousands of daily sports events, tempting deals with crypto rewards, cashback for crypto deposits, and more. Crypto betting stands out as a secure and private way to enjoy betting entertainment. It ensures complete safety and anonymity for players, allowing funding of accounts with various convenient currencies to start betting immediately. Additionally, crypto withdrawals are exceptionally fast, often taking just a few minutes. Choose a crypto betting site from our curated list, bet securely, and experience swift withdrawals of your winnings.

Choose your favourite bookmaker from our list and try betting on sports using cryptocurrency there.


For your convenience, we’ve collected the most frequently asked questions about crypto betting. Take a look at them as they may provide the answers you‘ve been looking for. If you still have questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to the support team of your chosen bookmaker or casino platform. All the platforms we’ve mentioned have reliable support agents that will be happy to help you promptly.

How does crypto betting work?

Crypto betting works just like regular betting, but players can place bets on a variety of sports using any convenient cryptocurrency, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether, etc. Even if you have never placed bets with crypto, you might learn how to do this in a matter of minutes. Crypto betting allows you to bet safely and anonymously.

Why use crypto for gambling?

Many players prefer playing at online casinos with cryptocurrency because it provides an extra layer of safety and anonymity. Moreover, funding your account with cryptocurrency is usually much faster compared to other payment methods.

How to pick the best site to gamble crypto?

We’ve designed our rankings of the best crypto bookmakers and casino platforms, so it will be easier for you to choose the one that fits you the most. Simply choose any platform from our list by comparing the pros and cons of it, and reading the main information. All the brands we’ve mentioned are considered to be the most secure and lucrative crypto betting platforms.

What is the most profitable betting site?

We’ve mentioned the best crypto betting sites. However, if we had to choose from them, we’d probably go with the BC.Game. This is a legal and licensed online crypto casino and crypto sportsbook that offers a huge welcome bonus of up to 220,000$ along with other lucrative promotions.

Why is crypto betting popular?

Crypto betting has been gaining a lot of attention recently. The most obvious reason for that is that betting with cryptocurrency is much safer than regular betting. Crypto provides more anonymity, which might be important to some players. Moreover, deposits and withdrawals are almost instant when a player chooses crypto as a payment method.


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